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As the long-time second largest player in the Czech Republic, Mall has expanded its reach to five countries. In a game-changing move, the polish giant Allegro acquired Mall in 2022, forming a powerful alliance. With a diverse open marketplace offering, Mall boasts an impressive selection of 1 + mil. products.

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Mall Group forms the largest e-commerce group in Middle and Eastern Europe. It operates in nine countries and offers its services to 130 million Central and Eastern Europe customers. In 2020, Mall delivered more than 14 million orders to their customers. In addition to the market's enormous size we can also rely on the credibility of the brand on individual markets. The costs of expansion through Mall is minimal compared to expansion in the form of creating a foreign e-shop.

You can test the demand and price level in a new market without much investment. Launch of products is fast, and you can handle everything comfortably from your country. With Mall you can easily expand to other European countries >> Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, or Croatia. All you need is high‑quality translations of the products, that we will be happy to prepare for you at EXPANDO.

The largest e-commerce group in Central and Eastern Europe

Over the past year Mall has become number one in the Czech Republic! Sell with us also in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, or Slovenia.

130 million customers

Reach millions of customers in 5 Central and Eastern European countries.

700+ delivery points

It is possible to use complete infrastructure to collect products on more than 700 Mall delivery points.

Product promotion

Mall provides propagation and promo of products and handles customer support.

Easy expansion

Expand to other countries where Mall operates at minimal cost.

24/7 support

Mall Customer Centre is available nonstop.

Last year, we generated to our clients turnover of over 107 mil. EUR and
,5 mil. orders.

EXPANDO services


Full-Service Marketplace Management

Boost brand visibility with experienced online brand management experts, utilizing their expertise in optimizing product rankings, effective product promotion, leveraging FBA advantages, and personalized account management to fuel online sales success.

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Full-Service Marketplace Management

With the knowledge of our experts, strengthen the presence of your webstore as a distributor and reseller across several marketplaces. Utilize your expertise in improving your pricing strategies, fine-tuning shipping settings, approval workflows, and automating crucial activities to get a competitive edge.

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Vital Insights for Sellers

Products listing

On Mall you browse through the products manually via API or XML feed.

Delivery to the customer

Possibility to use your own logistics in cooperation with us or Mall Delivery.

Product translations

We will immediately translate your feed into a foreign language so that you can expand immediately at a minimal cost


The monthly fee is 15-20 % of the order price according to the category, incl. VAT. Pricing is up to the seller.


Payments are collected by Mall or your carrier. The corresponding part is transferred to your account usually twice per month.

Automation and order management

Automate product listing on Mall wit our experts. Orders and warehouses are secured using the EXPANDO APP.

You can also try our Shoptet add-on and synchronize orders from MALL Partner directly into your e-shop.

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