Selling on marketplaces

Maximize the profits of your webstore on global online marketplaces that are the main e-commerce players. Offer products where you haven't sold yet and reach millions of new customers.

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What will you find in our eBook?

This eBook contains the latest data from European and global markets, along with sales results using EXPANDO. It caters to brand resellers and brand owners who are considering entering the international scene. Inside, you will find crucial information about the featured marketplaces, culminating in a sales comparison within Europe.

Info about each marketplace

Amazon, Kaufland, eMag, Alza, Mall, Cdiscout, eBay, Glami.

Selling potential

What all marketplaces offer sellers. What is the growth potential of your e-shop?

EXPANDO services

Thanks to our experts and specialized services for e-commerce, we will help you to streamline the process of expansion and subsequent sales.

Sales results

Results of sales, amount of mediated orders, etc. for the previous period.


In the eBook you will find articles about current events in the world of e-commerce.


EUR million is the annual turnover that we bring to clients.


clients we help grow.


countries to which we can expand.

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