EXPANDO APP is a unique application developed to facilitate the expansion of e-shops to foreign markets and global marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Kaufland, Alza, MALL, eMag, Cdiscount, Glami etc. Using smart integrations for accounting, logistics, or e-commerce platforms, we make it easy and fast for you to start selling.

Shoptet ensures the smoothest linking of your store to EXPANDO APP. We’ve created separate add-ons for Shoptet. By connecting to Shoptet, you will have synchronized orders and their status, products, and shipping. Currently we provide add-ons for Amazon,, all MALL versions, and we are working on more.

ABRA Flexi and ABRA Gen by Dativery enables fast integration of EXPANDO APP with e-shops and accounting software. The web integration platform enables fast integration (not only) of EXPANDO APP with e-shops and integration systems (ABRA, FlexiBee, POHODA, Money S3 and others). The integration includes products, orders and shipping.

by Dativery
• by BHIT  
It is a comprehensive accounting and economic software. Thanks to the EXPANDO APP integration, you can easily connect products, orders and dispatch of shipments directly to your POHODA accounting system.

TheShop brings an innovative approach that separates design from management and creates an efficient and scalable e-commerce solution for your business.

We will generate an online .xml feed with orders for you. The feed can be found in your EXPANDO APP. Here you will find the ordered product, the customer's address, and other information necessary for order processing.

Thanks to API communication, you can automate all manual tasks. With our API you can download orders, dispatch them, print labels or invoices and gather other necessary information.

Product editing and download of orders using .CSV. Simply add or update products using the .CSV table generated in excel. You can upload the order list back to .CSV with all the necessary data.

A service that means you no longer have to deal with storage and logistics. The unique SKLADON service, which takes care of the tasks that are essential for your business, but nevertheless very time-consuming and costly.

Versino will help you increase your company's performance and competitiveness by automating and digitally transforming processes or entire business models with SAP Business One.

Money ERP is a management system for small and medium-sized businesses. It simplifies warehouse administration, dealing with customers, accounting, selling goods in wholesale, retail, or via e-shop.  Integration with EXPANDO APP ensures smooth transfer of all necessary data.

JAPO transport is a carrier for shipments to (not only) Western Europe. Shipments are sent faster and at a lower price than with our competitors. Thanks to integration with EXPANDO APP, you no longer need to transfer order statuses and their "tracking numbers" - everything is fully automatic. Read about the cooperation here.

BHIT deals with the sale of the POHODA economic software and its implementation. Thanks to the integration of our EXPANDO APP, you can easily connect products, orders, and shipments directly to your POHODA accounting system.

DATIVERY enables fast integration of EXPANDO APP with e-shops and accounting SW. The web integration platform enables fast integration of (not only) our EXPANDO APP with e-shops or accounting systems (ABRA FlexiBee, POHODA, Money S3, and others). Integration includes products, orders, and shipping.

BSSHOP is an internet trading tool connected to IS POHODA. It brings together simplicity, speed, and efficiency of work across your entire business. Thanks to integration with our EXPANDO APP, we ensure the seamless transfer of products, orders, and shipments.

Prestashop is one of the most well-known e-commerce platforms. Thanks to our cooperation with, we can provide seamless transfer of products and orders including shipping for one of the most popular e-shop sites.

FastCentrik contains everything you need as an e-retailer. If you have an enterprise information system (ERP), then you can connect it to FastCentrik e-shop and manage all your data from one system.

WPJ designs full web solutions for both large and small businesses. Each website has original graphics and a user-friendly administration interface, which allows you to update the text content of the site with literally a single click.

Upgates will create a customized e-shop for you in no time! With Upgates, you can have a modern and profitable online store that meets the individual needs of your business for just a few cents.

Binargon will provide you with a customized e-shop! All our e-shops are multi-lingual and multi-currency. Therefore, there is nothing to prevent your expansion abroad.

Programia will create a customized e-shop for you. It creates customized e-shops without any limits with fully automated connection to enterprise information systems (ERP). The modules also include integration to EXPANDO APP. Our customers include,,,

CyberSoft, s.r.o. is a successful manufacturer of economic IT systems for both medium-sized and larger businesses. The main product is the ERP system I6, suitable for wholesale companies. It achieves excellent results with customers from the IT industry.

CREATIVE sites is a platform for ambitious e-shops with the largest (650+) number of add-ons in Slovakia. We will prepare a new e-shop for you or arrange expansion to new markets in our CREATIVE shop system.

XEMEL is a simple tool for editing xml feeds, whether that's for preparing feeds for our EXPANDO APP or special feeds for individual marketplaces.

A catalogue of services and tools for running your online store. Browse the list of all tools, extensions, and services that are connected to Rocketoo and choose the ones that can lower your workload and improve your results.

We are a digital agency that has been providing services in the field of web development, e-shops, graphics, as well as online marketing and aftercare of your projects for more than 8 years. Thanks to our cooperation with, you can expand the sale of your products to foreign markets. Expand abroad and start selling big.

Become our partner and let's make it easier for our clients to expand abroad together.

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