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Selling on Alza

Alza marketplace, boasting 1000+ sellers, accomplished a GMV of 2 bilion euros in 2023. With their iconic mascot, the green alien, Alza has emerged as the leading player in the Czech market, capturing a remarkable 15% share in e‑commerce.

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Why Alza?

GMV 2 bln EUR

With a GMV of 2 bilion EUR in 2022, Alza marketplace has demonstrated its ability to generate substantial sales and maintain a strong position in the market.

Czech e-commerce leader

Sell your products on the biggest online store in the Czech Republic with 15-20 % market share.

Trusted by Czech customers

Reach more than 5 million active customers with your products.

Last year, we generated to our clients turnover of over 107 mil. EUR and
2,5 mil. orders.

EXPANDO services


Full-Service Marketplace Management

Boost brand visibility with experienced online brand management experts, utilizing their expertise in optimizing product rankings, effective product promotion, leveraging FBA advantages, and personalized account management to fuel online sales success.

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Full-Service Marketplace Management

With the knowledge of our experts, strengthen the presence of your webstore as a distributor and reseller across several marketplaces. Utilize your expertise in improving your pricing strategies, fine-tuning shipping settings, approval workflows, and automating crucial activities to get a competitive edge.

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Vital Insights for Sellers

Alza Pick Up Store Network

Alza marketplace takes advantage of its extensive pick-up store network, ensuring that a significant majority of orders, approximately 70%, are conveniently delivered through Alza pick-up boxes.

Alza Approval Process

Every seller on the Alza marketplace undergoes an approval process, where they need to be vetted and approved by Alza members. To join, sellers are required to fill out a form on the Alza marketplace website.

28% increase in turnover

Take a chance and increase the turnover of your e-shop by 28 % with the help of our experts.

Fees and commissions

The monthly fee is 15-20 % of the price without VAT. Pricing is up to the seller.

Payment and billing

Payments are made either in cash, online, cash on delivery or in installments. Revenue is transferred once a month.

Order automation and management

With EXPANDO APP, you can automate product synchronization, order transmission including shipping, and pricing.

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Alza a.s. is an online store operating in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and since 2014, it has expanded its operations to other EU countries. It is one of the largest online retailers in the Czech Republic, specializing in consumer electronics. Additionally, Alza offers a wide range of products in segments such as toys, sports equipment, hobbies, media and entertainment, perfumes, watches, and drugstore items.

The Alza Trade provides a seamless integration with your webstores, round-the-clock customer support, and a robust transportation infrastructure, including AlzaBoxes located across the Czech Republic. By leveraging this platform, you can showcase your products to over 5 million active customers under a reputable brand.