(Un)blocking Amazon account

Leave it to us! We speak the Amazon language, even if it's not always easy to understand. 😎

We understand (un)blocking

The advanced automation of processes on Amazon that helps sell more and more and drives Amazon forward has its downsides. Every minute, Amazon registers 2 new sellers, so if you have any problems, you solve your requirements through an automated environment.

Even banal, seemingly simple requirements or deviations can take an unnecessarily long time in the absence of experience.

What can we help with?

"AT RISK" - blocking prevention

With the "AT RISK" warning, you have 72 hours to react, good and detailed explanations will prevent blocking and you can sell non-stop!

Blocking of products (ASIN BLOCK) or categories

Some categories (such as health & beauty) are restricted and require permission to enter. Likewise, the sale of certain brands (Adidas, Nike, Hugo Boss). Amazon may also want permission to sell your unique product that contains a battery or needs to be checked in some way (for example, kitchen knives).

Amazon account blocking

Your sales account can be blocked before sales start or even after several months of successful sales. Account blocking is influenced by customer feedback, a large number of canceled orders, insufficient Account Health or other unfulfilled Amazon conditions. A possible reason for blocking can also be a large volume of sales in a short period of time.

Account suspensions for bizarre reasons such as related accounts (potential connection with another account) or attempted fraud (suspicious change of bank account) are no exception.

What will the procedure be and how much does it cost?

Basic info

We will find out as much information from you as possible, what could have preceded the blocking.


We will decide if we can help you. We say flatly that we do not go headlong into all (from) blockages.


We take the risk. You only pay us when the problem is solved.


We agree on a price. We play fair, that means we only venture into those blockages where we are sure.

Individual offer

The price depends on the complexity of the problem. Most unlocks cost around 1000 EUR. Contact us for an individual offer.

Time estimate

We will tell you what kind of block it is and our estimate of when the account will be up and running.

All is up to you

We take over the account and all communication on the sales account. We will do everything to get the account unblocked incl. writing a completely individual appeal, calls with Amazon support and more.

Account activation

Most blocks are resolved within a few weeks and we can hand you an active account.

I'm interested in help with blocking

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Amazon is the largest marketplace in the world, which is the unshakable number one in the world of e-commerce and the clear choice for more than 400 million customers. Today, around 66% of consumers start their online shopping on this giant. The Amazon catalog currently offers 20 countries with worldwide delivery and contains over 1 billion listed products.

Selling on Amazon is easy for most sellers thanks to the product catalog. Just connect to existing products using EAN codes, similar to Heureka. Thanks to the EXPANDO APP, you can easily connect the e-shop and the ERP system. Sales costs are then minimal compared to expansion in the form of a foreign e-shop. In addition, starting sales is quick and you handle everything conveniently from the Czech Republic.

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