April 11, 2024

Which Marketplace is Better for Your Business: Amazon or Kaufland?

Are you wondering how to take your online business a step further? The key step is choosing the right marketplace. For most sellers, Amazon is a clear choice. What advantages does this platform offer for sellers, and how does it differ from the Kaufland Global Marketplace, one of the fastest-growing marketplaces in Germany?

Being a seller on Amazon is like stepping into the dynamic world of e-commerce, where you encounter endless opportunities and challenges. Each day presents a new chance to showcase your products to a global audience and grow your business. Amazon's network provides you with a wide reach and infrastructure to present your goods to millions of customers. However, this realm also demands a comprehensive strategy, efficient inventory management, effective marketing, and the ability to respond to rapidly changing market conditions. Being an Amazon seller means continuously learning, adapting, and innovating to ensure your business thrives in the realm of digital retail

While selling on Amazon can be a complex and demanding process, the Kaufland Global Marketplace offers a simpler way to expand your business. If you're already an experienced Amazon seller, you have a grasp of e-commerce dynamics that can be applied to the Kaufland platform.

Adding Kaufland Global Marketplace selling to your portfolio provides another avenue to reach customers and extend your market reach. The streamlined registration and operation process on Kaufland can be appealing to those seeking an alternative path to online sales. Experiences gained from Amazon selling can help you better understand customer needs and expectations even in the Kaufland world.

Why Kaufland Global Marketplace?

With a strong presence in Germany, the Czech Republic (, and Slovakia (, Kaufland Global Marketplace boasts an impressive network of around 10,000 sellers. The platform receives approximately 40 million monthly visits. Popular categories on Kaufland include electronics/PC technology, furniture, and more. It is a formidable brand, allowing sellers to leverage the company's strong reputation, credibility, and existing customer base that covers all age groups. This marketplace also prioritizes providing a positive shopping experience for both sellers and buyers. The growth rate of reaches up to 92%, making it one of the fastest-growing marketplaces in Germany.

Kaufland Global Marketplace is an another excellent choice following Amazon, primarily due to its user-friendly product listing process. Especially if you own your own brand, you'll appreciate the simplicity with which you can list your products on this platform. Unlike Amazon, there are no complex procedures like the Brand Registry, which saves you time and reduces administrative burden. However, an advantage of Amazon is that you can truly promote your brand, including its design, which the Kaufland platform doesn't offer. An additional advantage is the transparency of the Buy Box.

✅ Less Competition and Targeting Specific Markets

Compared to Amazon, the Kaufland Global Marketplace offers a less saturated environment. Sellers can therefore tailor their business more toward specific regions, especially Germany and its surrounding areas. Focusing on a specific customer group enables sellers to easily adapt their product offerings and marketing strategies to match the preferences of this local clientele. This targeted approach leads to higher conversion rates and overall customer satisfaction.

✅ Personal Seller Support

Kaufland is a newly emerging marketplace and is known for its personalized seller support. From the beginning of collaboration to account management and marketing strategies, sellers can benefit from expert guidance. This type of assistance helps optimize product offerings, increase visibility, and work more efficiently with the platform, thus boosting sales volume.

"We value personal contact with each seller and work with them as equal partners. We provide dedicated support for sellers in all relevant languages and offer many other advantages, such as an automatic free product translation tool. With it, sellers can easily expand and sell at an international level," says Business Manager Miroslava Birešová.

✅ Growing Popularity

The popularity of Kaufland Global Marketplace is on the rise every day, presenting a huge opportunity for sellers aiming to establish themselves in the market in a timely manner. By joining the platform, sellers can tap into the growing trend, increase product visibility, and boost sales volume. This approach allows you to build brand awareness and gain loyal customers.

"Kaufland Global Marketplace is a perfect complement to our brick-and-mortar stores. In our stores, we offer a wide range of groceries and everyday essentials. On the online marketplace, customers can find a large selection of non-food products from thousands of sellers, including categories such as home furniture, electronics, gardening, DIY, sports, and fashion," explains Business Manager Miroslava Birešová.

✅ Transparent Buy Box model

At Kaufland Global Marketplace, a highly transparent Buy Box model is in place, encompassing a range of factors, notably price, delivery time, and other relevant parameters. This transparency enables sellers to better understand the criteria influencing their position in the Buy Box and how they can optimize their offerings.

In contrast, the situation on Amazon involves a complex and intricate Buy Box mechanism. No one fully comprehends all the factors affecting its operation. On Amazon, it's crucial to excel in many aspects while also offering the best price, which can be challenging for many sellers.

In the case of Kaufland Global Marketplace, the primary focus is on the pricing aspect. This means that while other factors are important, price plays a pivotal role in determining the Buy Box position. This straightforwardness and transparency enable sellers to navigate more effectively and strategically work on capturing customers' attention and making the most of this key business position.

You can learn more about the Buy Box in the article: How to Get the Buy Box on Kaufland Global Marketplace?

Increase Your Sales Volume with a Certified Agency's Assistance

EXPANDO was one of the first agencies from the Czech Republic to join the Agency Program in 2021. Through intensive collaboration, sellers partnering with EXPANDO can undergo a streamlined platform onboarding process.

"From our own experience, the new German marketplace stood out to us due to its very quick and easy communication and account verification within the scope of our partnership, as compared to other marketplaces. Simply put, if you meet all the basic requirements and have your other documentation in order, you can start selling. There's no need to wait for long. It's a matter of approximately two days," says David Cikánek, Head of Sales at EXPANDO. "The same applies to customer support. The deadlines you must adhere to in terms of sales are more lenient than on Amazon, for instance. It's also a fact that can filter out a portion of customer inquiries for you. Overall, it's much more pleasant for sellers to start selling on this marketplace," he adds.

Last year, we generated to our clients turnover of over 75 mil. EUR and 1,7 mil. orders. Below on the graph, you can see the growth of orders of our clients during the years 2022 and 2023 only from Kaufland Global Marketplace.

Selling on Kaufland Global Marketplaces offers sellers the opportunity to diversify their market portfolio and maximize their growth potential. It's a great chance for Amazon sellers who are planning further expansion and aiming for success in new and promising markets in Europe.

Why Amazon?

From a garage bookstore in Washington, Amazon has evolved into a leading global marketplace. In the world of e-commerce, it's an undeniable leader and a preferred platform for over 400 million customers. It's the place where people search for and buy what they need. With an exceptionally wide range of products and services, reliable delivery, and a user-friendly interface, Amazon offers its customers a unique shopping experience.

✅ Extensive Customer Base and Global Reach

Amazon boasts a massive customer base, providing sellers access to a diverse and extensive spectrum of potential customers worldwide. Thanks to its global reach, Amazon enables sellers to reach different markets and exponentially expand their customer reach. This broad market coverage offers significant growth opportunities for sellers aiming to engage a wide range of demographic groups.

✅ Powerful Brand Strength

Amazon is synonymous with e-commerce and enjoys high brand awareness. The knowledge and trust associated with the Amazon brand can significantly influence customer confidence and lead to higher conversion rates. Many customers prefer shopping on Amazon precisely due to its reputable image, making it a favored choice for sellers wanting to leverage the power of a trustworthy marketplace.

✅ Wide Range of Shipping Options

The Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program provides sellers with a comprehensive infrastructure to fulfill orders, including storage, packaging, and shipping. This robust logistics network streamlines order management, allowing sellers to focus more on their core business. The reliability of FBA services makes Amazon an attractive option, especially for sellers seeking simple and worry-free order fulfillment.

Read more about shipping options on Amazon here >>

Increase Your Sales Volume with a Certified Agency's Assistance

According to Amazon's statement, we have become the top European agency for new sellers in 2022.

Last year, we generated to our clients turnover of over 75 mil. EUR and 1,7 mil. orders. Below on the graph, you can see the growth of orders of our clients during the years 2022 and 2023, only Amazon.

More about Amazon can be found in our article on the topic: 6 most common myths about Amazon.

In conclusion

While Amazon brings numerous benefits, it's often associated with demanding requirements and strict procedures. On the other hand, Kaufland Global Marketplace provides an environment that is more welcoming to smaller and newer sellers. This allows even those who are just starting out in e-commerce to begin more easily and grow on this platform. Overall, it's a promising avenue for expanding your business portfolio and reaching new customers in the growing e-commerce market.”

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