April 11, 2024

The rise of and its expansion into the Czech Republic and Slovakia

The launch of in the Czech Republic and Slovakia is the initial step towards the launch of a new global marketplace that will offer quick and easy access to international online trade.‍


Kaufland marketplace’s great reputation

Kaufland to launch its online marketplace in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in early 2023

Leave sales up to experts from EXPANDO


Kaufland marketplace marketplace is one of the most successful sales platforms in Germany, with more than 7,000 retailers offering over 30 million non-food products. Customers can find a large selection of goods in categories such as electronics, household items, garden supplies, etc.


If we revisit the beginnings of this brand, we look back to April 2021, when the transformation of the online marketplace into took place. quickly grew to receive over 32 million visitors each month, adding yet another giant online retailer onto the German market. is now part of the Schwarz Gruppe, which is one of the largest retail groups in Europe and the fourth largest in the world with more than 12,900 stores across 33 countries. In the 2020 financial year, it generated sales of €125.3 billion.’s great reputation is a strong brand where retailers can take advantage of its good name, credibility, and its existing customer base, which includes all age groups. It also ensures a positive shopping experience, both for sellers and also provides high-quality technical and marketing support. It offers 12 different payment methods, which makes the shopping process much easier for customers and contributes to higher conversion. This eliminates the need for the seller to deal with these procedural formalities associated with payment methods and their processing. The German marketplace also takes pride in its strong marketing (SEO, Google Shopping, banner ads, etc.), which in turn will increase the visibility of your products. In addition, you can pay for advertising space directly on the website in regular newsletters or on the platform's social networks. 

Kaufland to launch its online marketplace in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in early 2023

 Kaufland marketplace will introduce a new online marketplace concept to the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 2023. This will give online sellers the opportunity to sell consumer (non-food) goods internationally and reach out to a new target audience with millions of additional customers via and!

The introduction of this marketplace in the Czech Republic and Slovakia is the initial step towards the launch of the "Kaufland Global Marketplace" technology, which will offer quick and easy access to international online trade and simultaneously commence the digital expansion of this retail chain.


The Czech marketplace will utilise state-of-the-art technology. Local and international retailers will be able to offer their products across more than 5,000 different categories. Kaufland is one of the largest retailers in the Czech Republic with more than 130 stores. The marketplace thus provides high brand awareness (both online and offline). From a seller's perspective, offers countless benefits.

Leave sales up to experts from EXPANDO

EXPANDO has helped more than 850 clients expand into foreign markets, ranging from small shops with a few products to larger ones with a turnover exceeding CZK 1 billion per year. Thanks to our expertise and customised technical solutions, we bring our partners a turnover of more than 55 million EUR per year. Every day we take thousands of orders from seven different marketplaces into our EXPANDO APP and ship them to more than 80 countries worldwide. The marketplaces that we are affiliated with include the fastest growing marketplace in Germany,! In the past year, we have brought our 55 clients a total turnover of more than EUR 1 million and facilitated more than 17,000 orders.


EXPANDO has also become one of the key partners of the marketplace. We are one of the few companies to have been awarded gold partnership status for our cooperation so far.

If you choose to sell on with EXPANDO, you can gain access to our EXPANDO APP, which serves as an integration tool between ERP, e-shops, accounting systems, and marketplaces abroad.
We provide customer service in German, which is an essential part of successful sales on We also have return warehouses in several countries not only in Europe, but also in America, which will ensure the smooth return of products from overseas.
As part of working with us, we will provide you with our easy product matching software on the EXPANDO APP, which also takes care of order transfer, stock synchronization, and price synchronization. Thanks to its user-friendly design, intuitive API documentation, and integration with well-known CZ/SK services, automating sales on has never been easier.
In addition to the EXPANDO APP, you can also utilise our new TRANSLADO APP, which allows you to quickly and efficiently translate products on online marketplaces, including

Sales results with EXPANDO on

Between January 2021 and May 2022, we helped our clients earn a total of over EUR 2.5 million in gross revenue and facilitated over 35,800 orders.

Sellers are usually curious about what to expect from this German marketplace, about the volume of sales, and so on. According to Kaufland, it’s approximately 10% of the sales on Amazon, and from our experience, can bring you up to 25% of your Amazon revenue, explains our marketplace specialist. gives you the opportunity to utilise a powerful brand that has gained enormous consumer credibility. By doing so, retailers can increase their turnover by up to 25%.

This new German marketplace has impressed us due to its very fast and easy communication and verification of sales accounts compared to other marketplaces. Simply put, as long as you meet all the basic requirements and have the supporting documents in order, you can begin selling. There's no need to wait for anything. It takes roughly two days, says our marketplace specialist. The same goes for customer support. The deadlines you have to meet in terms of sales are more flexible than on other online marketplaces such as Amazon. can also manage a portion of customer inquiries by filtering them out for you. It makes it very pleasant for sellers to begin selling on this marketplace, he adds.


Expand your e-shop on, which has grown by almost 92% in the last 5 years. Our experts have already worked with more than 55 clients, for whom we have arranged more than 10,800 orders in this year alone. By selling on this European retail giant, you get the opportunity to reach millions of new customers.

Contact us for a personal consultation and we will help you boost your sales on! 📨

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