May 2, 2024

Kaufland Global Marketplace enters Poland & Austria: Your seller checklist for success

Kaufland Global Marketplace will be launched in the late summer in Poland and Austria. Will Kaufland dominate the European market? Here's your checklist to get on board.

Kaufland, a German retail giant, is making significant strides in e-commerce by expanding its marketplace operations to include Poland and Austria. With over 32 million monthly visitors on and access to 56 million potential online customers in Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia, this expansion is part of Kaufland's broader strategy, allowing sellers to list their offers on up to five Kaufland marketplaces simultaneously.

In Poland, where Kaufland already has a well-established network of 245 stores, the online marketplace aims to capitalize on the nation's thriving online retail sector, which has seen over 10% growth. Austria offers a unique opportunity - despite no physical stores, Kaufland enjoys a surprising 40% brand recognition. This begs the question: How will Kaufland compete with established players in the European e-commerce market? One advantage is it already has is a user-friendly seller portal and clear, simple rules and policies, including commission plans.

To ensure a smooth launch in Poland and Austria, we've created checklist to guide you through registration and onboarding processes. The good news is that, through a single registration process, sellers can access multiple Kaufland marketplaces such as,, and, and new and, which simplifies the expansion across different regions.

What do you need for registration & extension to a new countries?

💡Company information
In order to complete a new company registration, you will need to provide all the following information:

• Details of company representatives.

• Details of the beneficial owners and shareholding relationships.

• VAT ID (see the Tax registration section below).

• Depending on the company form or legal form - trade certificate or extract from the commercial register, valid identity documents of all company representatives, verification of shareholding ratios (only for partnerships).

💡Tax registration
For EU sellers, One-Stop-Shop (OSS) registration is all you need. If you're a non-EU seller, you'll need to complete a separate tax registration for each country you plan to sell in.

💡Legal documentation
Legal texts such as general terms and conditions, cancellation policies, privacy policies, and legal notices must be saved in the national languages of each country and must correspond to the country's legislation.

💡Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) requirements
This is a very complex topic on which you will find plenty of information in Seller university of Kaufland.

Abbreviated information is provided below:

• Germany, you need to obtain a LUCID number.

• Czech republic, you need to register at EKO-KOM.

• Slovakia, you need to register at Ministry of the Environment.

• Austria, you need to arrange a GLN number. However, the process is more complicated if you do not have a branch or registered office in Austria. In this case, you are required to appoint an authorised representative responsible for fulfilling your obligations under the Austrian Packaging Regulation. The appointment is made by means of a notarized power of attorney in German or English. The authorised representative will complete the registration process on the EDM portal, after which you will receive your individual GLN.

• Poland, there is a similar process as in Austria, but the number is called BDO.

💡Setting up transport costs to all countries you plan to sell in
Free shipping is a major selling point for online selling. To boost your sales, we recommend offering free shipping or charging a maximum of 5 euros.

Getting started as a seller

💡Orders and products synchronization
Orders and products need to be updated regularly according to current information.

For orders, sync their status (e.g., "sent") and include the carrier name and tracking number when shipped.
For products, keep their stock and prices updated, or use autopricing.

👉🏻 Through EXPANDO APP it is possible to synchronize products (stock and product prices) and orders, including tracking numbers. If you are using another integration system, we can complete all the settings to make everything work smoothly.

💡Matching and listing products
Valid EAN (GTIN) numbers are a requirement for selling products on the Kaufland Global Marketplace.

Then there are two options:

Matching products: Add your offer to an existing product in the catalog, where someone else has already provided the product data (title, photos, description). Please note - even in this case, you are responsible for this product information. For example, if the product, has different dimensions than those stated in the description, it is your responsibility to correct this discrepancy with the customer and bear all costs associated with this.

Listing products: Create your own product listing by uploading data through a feed (CSV) or manually

👉🏻 EXPANDO helps sellers with matching and listing products including translations into all languages.

💡Customer support and return system
Meeting Kaufland's standards requires customer support in the local language to answer queries within 48 hours, along with a convenient and sustainable return system that minimizes costs for both you and the customer. This is important for providing good customer service and ensuring a smooth buying experience.

👉🏻 We can arrange favorable terms from carriers, help you set up a return system, and outsource customer support.

Increase your sales volume with a certified agency

EXPANDO was one of the first agencies from the Czech Republic to join the Agency Program in 2021 and has managed to win the highest level, Partner Agentur Expert. Through intensive collaboration, sellers partnering with EXPANDO can undergo a streamlined platform onboarding process.

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