February 9, 2024

Cdiscount as the rising star of e-commerce

Similar to Walmart taking on Amazon in the United States, the European e-commerce landscape is experiencing strong growth. France’s leading e-commerce site Cdiscount has become an outstanding online marketplace for expanding your business internationally, thanks to its active customer base and seller benefits.


E-commerce in France

Cdiscount marketplace

Benefits of selling on Cdiscount

Leave sales up to experts from EXPANDO

Sales results with EXPANDO


E-commerce in France

France is the third largest online market in Europe after Germany and the UK, which have seen significant growth in recent years. In 2021, e-commerce sales in France amounted to over EUR 129 billion. This represents an increase of 15% compared to the previous year, when they exceeded EUR 112 billion (learn more). In comparison with the Czech e-commerce market, where sales reached only EUR 9 billion in the same year, the French online market is roughly 14 times larger.

Cdiscount marketplace

Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba are some of the world’s largest online retailers, however, rising stars are appearing on the market. Online marketplaces such as France’s Cdiscount, Poland’s Allegro, and Germany’s Kaufland are becoming major players around the world. In such marketplaces, it can be much easier for international online sellers to stand out due to less competition than on giant platforms.

France is the ideal market for international trade and as one of the most visited online trade sites, Cdiscount provides a great platform to boost your sales!

Cdiscount was founded in 1998. Its parent company is Cnova N. V. In less than 10 years, Cdiscount has become a major player in French e-commerce and is currently the second largest marketplace in France, after Amazon. More than half of local consumers (53.4%) claim they shop on Amazon, followed by Cdiscount and Fnac with around 19% and 15.4% respectively.

Cdiscount operates in France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Ireland, and Portugal. It has over 14 thousand sellers who offer their products in more than 70 countries.

The French marketplace has over 42 million products listed, divided into several categories. Some of the most popular include electronics/tech products, appliances, household items, gardening, DIY, sports equipment, childcare products, vehicles, fashion, food, and pet products.

Cdiscount is visited by 23 million customers on a monthly basis, with around 130,000 orders being placed each day. Over 18,500 pickup points are available to customers in France. Warehouses located in Cestas, in the Paris region, and near Saint-Etienne offer a total storage area of 540,000 m2 (that's the size of 100 football fields⚽).

Cdiscount presents itself as an online discount retailer, and therefore its customers are always searching for special offers. The platform offers the highest quality products at the lowest possible price. There is also a loyalty program "Cdiscount à volonté", which brings countless benefits to customers (more about the program below).

It is also interesting to note that Cdiscount is a signatory of the "Charter of e-commerce players". This Charter supports a voluntary approach to promoting a balanced, transparent, and loyal relationship between traders. Cdiscount further guarantees the safety of its customers by signing the "Product Safety Pledge" (learn more here >>).

Benefits of selling on Cdiscount

Cdiscount is one of the most visited online shopping platforms in France. It offers countless benefits for both sellers and customers.

Cdiscount provides two programs for its users - Cdiscount Fulfilment, and Cdiscount Express Seller, both of which support and promote sales growth and each of them responds to the specific needs that arise from the customer program Cdiscount à Volonté (CDAV). For example, CDAV members can request express delivery free of charge on any of their orders. If confirmed before 2pm, the package is delivered the following day, and if confirmed before 12pm, the package is delivered on the same day. For customers who are not CDAV members, this service is subject to a fee (learn more about CDAV here>>).

👉 Cdiscount Fulfilment is a logistics service that ensures the transport of your products to Cdiscount warehouses, including dispatch of orders - preparation, packaging, delivery, customer relations (you manage your inventory and sales from your sales account).

👉 Cdiscount Express Seller is an express delivery service (registration required - Cdiscount Express Seller).

Another advantage of selling on Cdiscount is exposure. The company has a huge following on social media, and it regularly invests in advertisements on TV, radio, and newspaper to promote their sellers.

Leave sales up to experts from EXPANDO

After a closer look at the facts and figures, it is clear that the French online market has huge potential and is appealing to e-shops that want to expand abroad.

Expand your e-shop on the second largest marketplace in France. Reach 23 million unique customers every month with our experts and increase your turnover by up to 25%!

If you decide to sell on Cdiscount with EXPANDO, you can gain access to our EXPANDO APP, which serves as an integration tool between ERP, e-shops, accounting systems, and marketplaces abroad.

We provide customer service in French, which is an essential part of successful sales on marketplaces such as Cdiscount. We also have return warehouses in several countries not only in Europe, but also in America, which will ensure the smooth return of products from abroad.

As part of working with us, we will provide you with our easy product matching software on the EXPANDO APP, which also takes care of order transfer, stock synchronization, and price synchronization. Thanks to its user-friendly design, intuitive API documentation, and integration with well-known CZ/SK services, automating sales on Cdiscount has never been easier.

In addition to the EXPANDO APP, you can also utilise our new TRANSLADO APP, which allows you to quickly and efficiently translate products on online marketplaces such as Cdiscount.

Sales results with EXPANDO

Cdiscount is one of the greatest local European marketplaces. Despite Amazon being the rightful king in the Western EU, Cdiscount is thriving. Their platform has undergone a major update, and it's definitely worth following, explains David, Head of Sales at EXPANDO.

Between January 2021 and June 2022, we helped our clients earn a total of over EUR 149,000 in gross revenue and helped arrange 1,800 orders.

We once came across a hilarious argument as to why people should avoid using Cdiscount. A seller told us that he doesn't want to sell there because he doesn't like the word "discount", says David.


Expand your e-shop with Cdiscount! With its wide reach, active customer base and lucrative seller benefits, Cdiscount is a great way to expand into the French market. Cdiscount is a fast-growing website which offers a lot of sales potential for retailers who are looking to expand their business abroad.

Contact us for a personal consultation and we will help you boost your sales with Cdiscount! 📨

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