Complete management of sales on marketplaces

Put your success in the hands of online sales experts. You can also get customer support in several languages, worldwide return addresses, a dedicated account manager and EXPANDO APP including AUTOPRICER.

Expert on the given marketplace

We are experts in the largest marketplaces and will help you maximize your profits from these online marketplaces while you can focus on your business.

Competitor analyses

Get analysis from EXPANDO before entering the online marketplace. Thanks to our experts, you will find out what potential your product has.

Marketplace integration

EXPANDO APP is a unique application that provides you with the transfer of orders, synchronization of warehouses, prices and pairing of products from one place. It also includes AUTOPRICER, which dynamically creates prices according to the competition.

Transport and return service

Use the logistics services of verified EXPANDO partners. In addition to shipping, we also offer a worldwide return service.


This is dynamic pricing, where the AUTOPRICER will increase or decrease the price of your product based on the behavior of the competition.

Amazon account blocking

Your account has been blocked and you don't know what to do next? Leave it to us, we speak the Amazon language, even if it is not easy to always understand it.

Customer support

Leave it to us! We speak 8 languages. We ensure quick answers in the language of the given marketplace. We have everything a satisfied customer needs.

Listing of unique products

We will get your products into marketplace catalogs. We can also translate them with the help of our TRANSLADO application and we will take care of their complete optimization.

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